Getting Class values from Annotations in an AnnotationProcessor

Ein sehr hilfreicher Blogeintrag zum Verarbeiten von Annotationen ab Java6

Peter Mount's Blog

In annotation processors one common use case is to read the values contained within an Annotation. In most cases this works fine, however there are some caveats when it comes to accessing values within Annotations that are either Class or a Class array. It’s even worse if you are trying to access an annotation on a method within a super type of the class you are processing. Here I’ll go through how to access those Class values and how to get those values when they are in a super type – specifically when a method has been overridden.

First why?

Well inside retepTools we have an AnnotationProcessor that checks to ensure that certain annotations are used correctly, specifically the @ReadLock and @WriteLock annotations. It’s invalid for those annotations to be used together on the same method. It’s also invalid for a method to be annotated with one and then overridden…

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